Selected Editorial

This is a collection of long-form editorial pieces that began as a part of my Senior Project at The King's College.
I find the process of picking apart a work of art, examining its functions or failures, and compiling my findings in a sleek, constructive manner to be incredibly rewarding. This series of writing is based entirely on my own interests in pop culture and trends that I find worth discussing and exploring.


The Cost of Casting Cis:
The Problem with the Shallow Activism Behind So-Called Progressive Filmmaking

Jared Leto. Jeffrey Tambor. Eddie Redmayne. And now, Matt Bomer.

The casting of cisgender men as transwomen takes more than it gives when it comes to the demographic it attempts to serve. Why Hollywood keeps getting it wrong, and how others are breaking the mold by reclaiming it.


A Justice Deferred:
O.J. and JonBénet In Retrospection

The unsolved case of JonBenét Ramsey is firmly lodged alongside other sensationalized, unsolved murders — and now, twenty years after her murder, the case of JonBenét returns to televisions across the country in a slew of special programs, promising new evidence, new interviews, and an end once and for all. But what does this anniversary spell for overdue justice elsewhere?

FKA twigs, LP1:
A Feverish, Beguiling Debut
from Electro-R&B-Pop Siren

Known for her eccentric, electronic compositions and eerie videos, FKA twigs’ debut album, inconspicuously titled LP1, was released under Young Turks in August 2014. LP1 is honest, refusing to cover the scars left by a former lover with a radio-friendly alternative-R&B track, letting the music itself speak to the masochism of wanting something (or someone) you cannot have. Amid shy, coquettish vocals and cacophonous production, FKA twigs rises as music’s most captivating mystery in recent memory.